Hello everyone, and welcome to our first edition of Unify for 2023! We had a fantastic 2022, filled with plenty of stories of our customer’s successes on how they’ve managed to transform the way they collaborate. 2023 is set to be no different, so we’re certainly excited to see what the year will bring!

At our GX: Frontiers event last year, we asked the crowd to utilise the awesome power of the sticky note and give their feedback on how they’ve managed to make hybrid work, work. These insights from your colleagues have inspired us to create our ‘Lessons from 100 Brands’ report, allowing a fascinating conversation to take place over the evolution of hybrid working.

As part of Gamma’s continued dedication towards upholding key social values, Gamma recently partnered with unconnected.org to provide laptops to children in Uganda and help set up a computer lab. These efforts will help to close the global digital divide and give everyone the chance to stay connected.

Our ESG strategy has also been recognised as a leading example after MSCI awarded Gamma a ‘AA’ ESG rating, demonstrating how successful Gamma have been in managing the risks and opportunities surrounding their ESG ventures. This recognition will only help to drive Gamma forward in their mission to make a real difference.

In addition to this rating recognition, the Crown Commercial Service has recently released their recent RM6261 agreement, which covers mobile and data services available for purchase in the public sector. Considering Gamma has a proven track record of working closely with organisations across the public sector, we’re pretty sure you can guess who has been named as one of the suppliers on this list…

If you’re looking for interesting content to keep you occupied, then Gamma has got you covered! Our recent Clearing webinar is now available on demand, and our podcast on the upcoming PSTN switch off is now live as well. In case you have a hankering for written content, we have recently written an ode to 3G on our Unify page. You certainly won’t be starved for content anytime soon!

Our fantastic Support team are keeping up their fantastic work in making sure everyone gets the assistance they need (if required, of course!). Once again, we’ll be putting the spotlight on one of these fantastic individuals that go above and beyond in providing first-class support to all our customers.

We hope you enjoy our premier edition of the Unify newsletter in 2023, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of our shared successes across the year!

The Spring 2023 edition

Our 'Lessons from 100 Brands' report

UK IT leaders contribute to hybrid working report

When you ask 100 IT leaders about the future of hybrid working, what kind of responses do you think you’d get? Well, Gamma put this thought into action and came away with a comprehensive report on how companies are reacting to the shift towards a ‘you normal’.

Besides a deeper exploration into hybrid working itself, the aim of the report was to get people talking about hybrid working and share their collective thoughts and experiences.

From the rise of the ‘hybrid generation’ to the evolution of digital etiquette, our ‘Lessons from 100 Brands’ report provides value for IT leaders on innovative ways to supercharge hybrid working, or just reassurance that you’re on the right track.

Let’s make hybrid work, work

Connecting Uganda

Creating a connected world in Uganda

Connectivity shouldn’t have to be a privilege. Everyone deserves the right to communicate and connect with anyone in the world, but the digital divide is a very real and pressing issue. Something must be done to address the issue of a lack of IT literacy in less fortunate areas of the globe.

As part of Gamma’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have partnered with unconnected.org to provide laptops to high school children across Uganda. The aim is to reduce the gap in digital literacy between Uganda and the rest of the world, in addition to the gap between the men and women of the country.

These computers will teach children about online safety and assist in their standard school curriculum. Ben Mansell, Founder & COO of unconnected.org, sees this project as a great way to improve employment prospects and sets an example that will ‘encourage further investment in educational technology’ across the globe.

Read more about our efforts

Social values in 2023

Gamma’s focus on social values in 2023

A major component of Gamma’s responsibilities towards the betterment of society is the importance of social value, which helps create a more compassionate and inclusive workspace. Driving positive change will have a wider impact on the communities that Gamma participates in.

Throughout 2023, there are 4 key aims that we are looking to meet. These are:

  • Creating communities and a sense of belonging, both internally and externally
  • Bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities to improve wellbeing globally
  • Give back to communities through charity, fundraising and supporting certain demographics
  • Raising awareness of topics such as mental health and improving employee wellbeing

We have already begun our journey in helping our stakeholders benefit and thrive, and we know that there is plenty of work left. Only through a team effort can Gamma ensure that real progress and change can take place.

Discover Gamma’s social values

Gamma achieve 'AA' rating

An ‘AA’ rating from MSCI

To demonstrate how successful Gamma has been with their ESG strategy, MSCI have awarded Gamma the rating of ‘AA’ and highlighted their role as a ‘leader’ in the industry. This is certainly a notable achievement for Gamma in their quest to help make a difference!

MSCI are a leading body in providing tools that help the investment community make important decisions when it comes to their portfolios. As ESG frameworks become more prominent across businesses, having a high rating helps make these decisions much more straightforward. Thanks to this ‘AA’ rating, we’re pretty sure that this is the next big step in creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

This is more than just a rating, though. This is an impetus to keep doing better and to stay true to the values that are highlighted in our ESG responsibilities. Maintaining a sustainable business doesn’t have to be a pipe dream; it can be a reality.

See what this rating means for Gamma

New public sector framework

Securing Gamma’s services through RM6261

On 13th January, the Crown Commercial Service launched their latest Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement, RM6261, giving the public sector greater access to a range of mobile communication solutions. This framework helps to promote cost-effective services for both the smallest users to the largest and most influential government organisations.

Gamma is proud to be one of these suppliers, providing further evidence of how well-suited our mobile solutions are for the public sector. We’re always looking to build upon our excellent reputation within the public sector, having already supported the likes of universities, health trusts, and government bodies.

Sam Winterbottom, Public Sector Director at Gamma, commented on how mobile solutions will play a more important role as hybrid working becomes more prominent, and both PSTN and 3G are set to be phased out. For Sam, ‘[being] able to offer customer-centric mobile, voice and data services’ will prove to be game-changing for the whole public sector.

Learn more about the framework

Clearing in 2023

A first-class Clearing experience with Gamma

Clearing at university can be a stressful process, whether you’re a prospective student or an agent. Student demand is steadily increasing, meaning that universities must be ready to meet student needs with technology that’s up to scratch.

Recently, Gamma’s Public Sector Director Sam Winterbottom and UCaaS Proposition Manager Jamie Cole hosted an in-depth webinar on how universities can achieve a successful Clearing in 2023 and ensure that both students and agents are left feeling satisfied and, above all, free of stress!

When it comes to university Clearing, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, and Gamma is here to prove that this is very much the case. Through robust and scalable technology, Clearing doesn’t have to place you in a difficult position.

Clear up your Clearing process

Podcast series on PSTN switch off

Podcast to help prepare for the PSTN switch off

When it comes to the impending PSTN switch off, it’s better to be switched on than switched off. Failing to properly prepare for the end of the UK’s long-standing copper wire network could prove to be fatal, as a loss in communications will certainly lead to widespread disruption for everyone, customers and employees alike.

Thankfully, Gamma is encouraging the public sector to have a conversation about the PSTN switch off, and we’re talking about it ourselves in our series of podcasts on this pivotal moment in the history of telecommunications. By highlighting alternative solutions, businesses can learn about what kind of benefits they can enjoy as we transition towards a ‘digital first’ future.

Our podcasts can be enjoyed on Google Podcasts, Spotify, or even in video form. We hope you enjoy!

Learn more about the PSTN switch off

Support team spotlight

Support team spotlight: Carol-Anne O’Hara

Gamma is always in awe and in gratitude to their brilliant support team, who never fail to provide assistance whenever an enquiry comes their way.

We always take time to feature a member of the team, and this time it’s our Customer Engagement Manager – UK Wide, Carol-Anne O’Hara. Having joined Gamma in 2019, Carol-Anne brought with her plenty of experience in multiple industries, including insurance and transport, and was the first to take up the role of Customer Engagement Manager.

Her aims are to support communication between various departments and ensure customers get the best experience possible. Aside from her role in the support team, Carol-Anne is a member of the Institute of Customer Service, a Brand Ambassador, and the Emergency Coordinator for Gamma’s Glasgow office.

Outside of the office, Carol-Anne runs a walking group through the Strava app, setting target miles for the support team. She also utilises Gamma’s cycle to work scheme by enjoying the chance to cycle when she has the chance.

Our industry-leading support

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