[Free Download]Lessons from 300 brands on making Hybrid Work

Pose the same question about hybrid working to three hundred IT leaders and what do you think you’d get?

Would there be consensus in the room? Or three hundred different answers?

Well, that’s exactly what we did! The result?… Download our free report to find out.


Key Learnings

The office has started to lose the battle for attendance, and the time has come to kick the ‘bad habit’ of the daily office commutes. We’ve all seen the stats on how Gen Z will make up a third of the workforce by 2030, but what can be done to please this diverse generation? Finally, Gone are the days of a simple emoji 🤪 to signal an attempt at humour in an email, since our taste in comedy and how we act online has certainly come a long way.

How we collated these insights

Over the last 12 months, we asked three hundred IT leaders to give us their insights into their top tips on how to make hybrid working work. Through the trusty methodology of sticky notes, we collected them together and started to curate a report on the future of hybrid working.

As leaders all over the world puzzle over how to make hybrid work and how to retain their critical talent. We want to show what other brands are doing in response. Whether it’s for new ideas, or reassurance you’re on track, this report will provide value for leaders.

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