We live in a world where technology dictates the rhythm of life. Businesses are invariably thrown into a labyrinth of platforms and channels to keep their operations smooth – and clients’ content.


Technology, seemingly a saviour, more often than not overcomplicates things, fuelling disorder and clutter that divert from the essential pursuit of business growth. Enterprises, from absolutely enormous corporations to small businesses find themselves grappling with overwhelming and snowballing complexity that can transform once facilitative tools into nightmarish sources of perplexity.

Our vision is for a better-connected world in which we can work smarter for the benefit of business, people and the planet

We believe that authentic connection surpasses technology.

This belief is fuelled by a deep-seated understanding that communication isn’t simply about the exchange of information, but about creating and fostering real human connections. We know that flourishing business environments thrive on communication that transcends words or data transfer. It entails empathy, comprehension, and shared experiences that unite people and create enduring bonds.

This people-centric ethos is central to Gamma’s philosophy. We recognise the necessity to concentrate on nurturing sincere relationships with the people we serve, rather than simply enhancing processes or implementing cutting-edge technology. Each and every decision we make is underscored by this dedication to prioritising people, whether they are customers, partners, or employees.

Gamma’s core values are fundamental to this people-first philosophy. The driving force behind every decision, these values are the foundation of our belief that authentic connection is not just about technology, but about people.


The mantra ‘We’re there and we care’ drives our dedication to be present and responsive to the needs of our customers, partners, and employees alike. This emphasis on active involvement and genuine concern symbolises the importance we place on people, not just as business employees with a job to do, but as individuals with unique needs and perspectives. By ensuring we’re always ‘there’, we create a sense of community and empathy.

Similarly, ‘We love to grow’ signposts our commitment to continuous development and evolution. To us, this growth isn’t just about revenue or size. Our growth is holistic and inclusive, seeking to benefit not just the company, but everyone whose life we touch across Europe and beyond. This element of our people-first approach encourages an environment where advancements in communication technology are leveraged to embrace – rather than overshadow – deeper human connections.

We care deeply. Our communications with a conscience are more human.

Honesty, transparency and integrity make our relationships more human.

‘We step up and own it’ – we encourage a culture of accountability and initiative. This means far more than simply meeting obligations; it represents a willingness to go the extra mile for the benefit of others. Our people are empowered to take ownership of their actions, which leads to improved collaboration and, fundamentally, trust – arguably the most important human connection.

Last but not least, ‘We do the right thing’ sums up our commitment to ethical and responsible business. We don’t exist simply to benefit the company: we prioritise doing what’s best for the people we serve. Our conscientious approach nurtures trust and respect between Gamma and our stakeholders, once again enabling those crucial genuine human connections.


The percentage of consumers who are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications

Commitment to the cause

In all that we do, we prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of our customers and partners. Our decisions aren’t guided solely by transient gains or commercial advantages, but by a genuine commitment to prioritising the interests of our stakeholders – real people, with real hopes, desires and dreams.

Prioritising these interests means going above and beyond to know for sure, in our heart of hearts, that all interactions are valuable, crafting those authentic connections.

Our commitment to doing what’s right doesn’t stop at company-customer relationships. It runs through every layer of Gamma’s operations, influencing our internal culture (with the aforementioned values) and shaping our engagement with the global community.

After all, how can we preach it if we don’t practice it?

In any case, our ethical and responsible approach to business characterises what we like to call…

The phrase, “communications with a conscience,” sounds lovely, but it’s not just a feel-good motto – it’s the guiding principle on which everything at Gamma is based. The phrase shows our recognition that our business decisions have far-reaching effects, impacting not only our immediate stakeholders but also the broader world. With this in mind, we make a conscious effort to make choices that are ethical, sustainable, and inclusive.

Our mission to humanise communication in this increasingly convoluted technological world is about more than just simplifying communication processes. It means infusing all interactions with a sense of shared humanity and purpose, cultivating relationships built on trust and respect, and fostering a business culture that values people above all else. It’s not – and cannot just be about keeping pace with evolving tech but being the guardian of humanity amidst the race to the future.

All very nice – so what?

So what does “communication with a conscience” actually mean for us?

  • It means upholding transparency and honesty.
  • It means basing decisions on the quality of service as well as profitability.
  • It means striking a balance between giving and receiving.
  • It means promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity, levelling the playing field in the business sector.

We unashamedly pride ourselves on our proactive work culture – our people are always ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. The ethos embodies a dynamic that is simultaneously empathetic and pragmatic – people who are always ready to lend a hand to their teams and customers.

With Gamma it always comes back to the people. We can buy from anybody but only Gamma can bring the ethos, the experience and the broad knowledge of our company. Alec Campbell
Head Of IT Procurement

A deeply articulate expression of our brand’s core values, reflecting our unwavering commitment

“Communications with a Conscience” is not a radical departure but rather a deeply articulate expression of our brand’s core values, reflecting our unwavering commitment. We understand that this new vision is not just a fleeting trend; it is an integral part of who we are as a company and as individuals. At Gamma, we take our dedication to responsible practices seriously, as evident through our strong, long-standing ESG credentials. These haven’t been put in place to catch because it is rising on people’s agendas, it has been a priority since our inception. That’s why we have teams dedicated to the financial, mental and physical wellbeing of our people. Notably, we have been recognised for our philanthropic efforts, winning a prestigious charity award for the Gamma Ball Rally, which has successfully raised significant funds for various charitable causes. An overall total of £700,000 to date.

Another testament to our commitment to responsible practices is our impressive AA MSCI rating, a result of our rigorous environmental, social, and governance policies. We firmly believe in giving back to society and actively engaging in community initiatives. Our employees demonstrate this through their enthusiastic participation in challenging events like Tough Mudder competitions, marathons and their dedicated “giving something back” days, where they volunteer as paramedics, and provide support at food banks or hospices. These endeavours exemplify our desire to have a positive impact on the communities that we so gladly serve.

During times of crisis, we extend our support beyond our boundaries. When Ukraine faced challenges, our German team sent essential supplies to the border, showcasing our solidarity and compassion for those in need. Similarly, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked tirelessly to support our partners and customers, ensuring their operational continuity by providing assistance with hybrid work setups and in some circumstances waving fees to alleviate the burdens they faced.

Annually, a significant part of our focus lies in supporting education namely universities and students, particularly during Clearing days and the months of testing that come before them. We recognise the importance of these moments in students’ academic journeys and invest considerable resources to ensure a smooth and successful day for both institutions and students.

We take great pride in our exceptional graduate scheme, which serves as a platform for young talent entering the telecoms industry. We understand the importance of providing opportunities to explore various roles, enabling them to discover their true career path. We actively support their professional development, fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and innovation.

In addition to this, we actively engage with schools through Speakers for Schools workshops. Our representatives visit educational institutions to share insights about the telecommunications industry, offering valuable guidance to aspiring students. By doing so, we aim to inspire the next generation of professionals and provide them with a deeper understanding of, not just the things that we do, but the exciting opportunities within the field.

And just give us the chance to celebrate employees who exemplify our brand values through our internal awards program and we certainly will! Living and embodying the principles mentioned earlier in this article is what we encourage, and the culture we are cultivating every day. Nominated by peers, the recognition reinforces and motivates our teams to continue making a positive impact both within the organisation and beyond.

The spirit of Gamma is something we are proud of and something that we take this moment to celebrate.

So what’s next?

Our vision is a better-connected world where everyone can work smarter for the collective benefit of society. We aspire to nurture a connection that feels natural and intuitive.

To turn this vision into reality, we enable businesses to handle both the every day and the extraordinary. Whether it’s local establishments contributing to their communities or apps and delivery services simplifying shopping, our solutions are the backbone of these services. In critical sectors, like banking, healthcare, and emergency services, we strive to provide the support people need when they need it the most. Our tech is also utilised in crucial public sectors, supporting GP surgeries, councils, hospitals, veterinary clinics, and universities.

We enable people to live their lives – we enable people to save lives.

Renewing the vows

Each and every day we recommit to refining our solutions to make daily business operations more successful – and human – in this ever more connected world. This is the heart of our commitment: making the complex world of technology work for humanity, not against it.

Our pursuit of “communications with a conscience” exemplifies a business model that simplifies the complex and humanises the digital.

We strive to power businesses and support communities, paving the way for a future where technology serves humanity intuitively and authentically.

We’re more than just a telecoms company – we’re a catalyst, transforming how we communicate and connect in this digital age. We are Gamma.

When I look at the people in Gamma that we interact with I see pragmatic, honest people who are interested in helping me out. They are great to work with, and the concept of customer advocacy is unique. I don’t see Gamma as a sales engine but as a customer champion. Barry Nee
Chief Information Officer