For many of us, the way in which we choose to work has changed. The change? We have a choice.

The tail end of the pandemic saw rise to ‘The Great Resignation’ – thousands of employees took stock, reassessed, and began hitching rides to greener employment pastures.

A sense of liberation swept the globe, but there’s one generation in particular who have thrown out the job seeker playbook and are shaking up the world of work.

Generation Z – a new breed of digital nomads – are turning the tables on how the rest of us approach our 9-5 (or 7-3, or even 2-8). Forcing the hand of complacent employers, they’ll only settle for a business culture that fully aligns with their personal vision and beliefs.

To meet the many (frankly reasonable) demands of the so-called ‘dot com kids’, it’s important to first understand the true drivers behind their employment choices and how this is impacting business technology, and practice, for the better.

There’s one generation in particular who have thrown out the job seeker playbook

Let's talk values...

Since the advent of the internet and social media, we now have a much deeper and relentless view into global social economic issues.  Because of this, Gen Z are interested in businesses with values that align to their own personal morals.

Some larger technological firms have experienced something of a ‘Techlash’ in recent years, with Gen Z deterred by positions due to global sustainability or ethical practice concerns.  So passionate are Gen Z about business ethics, they’ll take to LinkedIn, Instagram, or even TikTok to voice their experiences.

As the narrative for fair practice spills open, businesses that don’t offer sustainable technology or processes as standard could hit the viral spotlight.


of Gen Z feel it's extremely important to work for a business that shares their values

Culture, mindset and technology

It all comes down to culture, mindset, and the technology that underpins them.

Technology is a make or break for Gen Z. We’re talking about a generation that’s used to a yearly iPhone drop and scarily impressive VR simulation – and that’s just outside of work.

Inside of work, the technology that we use to communicate with each other is also continuing to evolve.

Many find themselves resorting to the bring your own device (BYOD) method, finding that their personal devices are more advanced than your current offering.


Unfortunately, this isn’t the most reliable or secure workaround – more of a sticky-plaster effect.

For this reason, Gen Z expect tools that will enable them to seamlessly interact with their teams and your customers, no matter their location.

The beauty of unified communications is that it can facilitate and carry the weight of all these demands in the background. Once installed, your team’s wellbeing and flexibility needs can be complemented and supported by your software – at little to no extra expense to your business.

The bigger picture

As emphasis falls swift and hard on new ‘ways of working’ requirements, those who refuse to assess their strategy or technology will find it harder to attract and retain talent.

In essence, you’re no longer choosing the right candidate for a role, the right candidate is choosing you. It’s a sobering thought when you consider that, by 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce.

This 21st Century generation is the first to be fully connected by digital technology and engaged through social media. With their fresh, progressive ideas and strong work ethic, it’s no wonder they’re driving tech adoption and fuelling the need for better business collaboration.

There will always be some generational overlap when it comes to job role ‘nice to haves’, but some criteria, such as hybrid working, is now considered a fully-fledged demand.

In today’s climate, your cross-generational workforce and your customers need the option for flexible communication. If you haven’t realised the multiple benefits of a cloud-based solution, it’s time to seriously consider the next generation of technology. Your customers and your teams will thank you for it.


of workforces will be made up of Gen Z employees by 2025

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