AppVis enables consistency of service for Elis - Highlight sponsored article

When leading textile, hygiene and facilities services company Elis wanted to better understand the application usage and user experience across their whole network they turned to Gamma’s monitoring partner, Highlight.


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When we started working with Gamma, a key requirement was to know what was happening within the circuits. We were keen to take a more proactive approach with better historical details to help with the analysis and sizing of the network.

To give the clearest view, Elis upgraded to Highlight’s AppVis feature. AppVis shows all of the applications running across the entire network in one simple view, expanding to show application trends, prioritisation and zoom in to discover top talkers and top applications at each site.

Highlight is a valuable addition to the network and gives us a massive amount of visibility. We can see clearly what traffic is flowing across lines to identify individual devices and see if ports are being used properly as well as usage spikes from valid applications and any increases in less desirable applications. We can then make changes to class of service configurations to ensure non-priority and critical traffic are allocated correctly.

Essential to delivering consistency of user experience is understanding the balance between critical business applications and trivial user traffic and identifying the risks brought by shadow IT applications. AppVis enables Elis to group their critical applications and ensure they are correctly prioritized everywhere, managing the volumes of less critical user traffic while the ‘First Seen’ filter gives the earliest warning of new cloud services and possible security risks.

Our imperative is that data is reliable and instantaneous so that we can guarantee consistent IT services at all times across the business. Before Gamma and Highlight, we just didn’t know if we had a problem. We couldn’t see what was happening. Today, our IT services are faster, more stable and we have the information to justify further investments for increased bandwidth.

The Highlight AppVis proactive monitoring and alerting means Elis can now work with Gamma to fix issues before they impact users or end customers using their business-critical applications.

“I really value that both Gamma and our team at Elis are using the same insights from Highlight. This means Gamma takes a more consultative and advisory role compared to any of our previous providers.”

If you think you could also benefit from AppVis please discuss this with your Customer Advocate or come and speak to Highlight at the Gamma GX Summit 2019.