Quality, availability and reliability

Our UK national network underpins everything we do, so we place great emphasis on its availability, reliability and quality.

We continually invest for the future, ensuring the ongoing evolution of our network for today’s mission critical apps and beyond, providing unified comms, converged services and discrete voice, data and mobile components.

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Our Network.

Network Architecture.

Voice Network

Our voice product platforms (SIP Trunking, Hosted telephony and Inbound) are an integral part of our national voice and data network.

Our underlying voice switching fabric is a carrier class, highly resilient, distributed, next-generation national softswitch network.

Gamma is part of the UK’s national switching infrastructure.

Our network interconnects with all major UK and international fixed and mobile carriers.

We regularly handle more than 2 million business calls during peak hours and 1.6bn minutes per month.

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Data Network

We have a number of Points of Presence and Interconnect points across the UK.

Our data access products are designed to assure quality of service for our voice services and provide a single support structure.

Our data service architecture is integrated with our national voice network, enabling a fully-converged service.

Our Ethernet services are delivered through a combination of various UK wholesale providers and our own direct presence in a number of Openreach exchanges.

Juniper 100Gb IP core across 4 core sites using multiple 100Gb waves

Over 100,000 broadband tails

Over 8,000 live Ethernet tails with a further 1,000 in provisioning

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Mobile Network

Gamma Mobile is a service built exclusively for the UK business market forming an integral part of our overall communications portfolio.

This also means we leverage Three UK 99% outdoor and 98% indoor population coverage, as well as advanced voice services such as VoLTE and VoWiFi.

Data and SMS traffic is routed directly back to Gamma’s network infrastructure allowing us to provide business grade data services like real time capping and alerting and Private APN.

With Three UK’s strong 5G spectrum allocation, Gamma is in the best position to benefit from faster data speed, lower latency and greater device density.

Gamma Mobile is an essential part of our business communications solution tying in seamlessly with fast start, backup, OTT voice applications, and enabling product combinations ideal for any type of business.

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Gamma maintains a mature and comprehensive compliance
regime which is regularly audited by an independent
3rd party and fully qualified external auditors. We view
compliance with these standards as an essential public
statement of Gamma’s commitment to delivering secure,
reliable, quality services.

To support and inform the compliance regime, Gamma holds
regular meetings attended by Director level personnel that
include platform Service Reviews, Capacity Management,
Business Continuity and Information Security. In addition, we
invite all employees to contribute to improving quality. This
input, plus feedback from our Customers, forms the agenda
of our monthly operation reviews, chaired by our CEO. This
ensures that we drive the business to pursue a programme
of Constant Service Improvement with full oversight of the
senior management team.

This standard is a specification for an information security
management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of
policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and
technical controls involved in an organisation’s information
risk management processes. It enables Gamma to
demonstrate that we fully conform with the many controls
within the standard and offers assurance to our customers
that their information and services are secure.

Whilst business continuity forms a major part of ISO27001,
this standard offers a detailed and comprehensive
framework for ensuring that our services, processes
and products are reliable, scalable and fully resilient. The
standard mandates for a full Business Impact Analysis to be
carried out on every aspect of our services and products
to ensure that the resilience deployed is appropriate and
‘fit for purpose’. The standard further demands that regular
and extensive tests are made of deployed resilience and
that these tests are comprehensive and fully recorded for
external audit and assessment.

ND1643 from the NICC and mandated by Ofcom contains
controls and measures that constitute the minimum
standards required to protect the UK national infrastructure
and is applicable to any communications provider that has
a direct interconnection with another communications
provider. Gamma was one of the first telcos to adopt the
standard in the UK and regularly attend NICC forums to
assist in its development and applicability as the telephony
network migrates towards IP technologies.

Resilience and Scale


For resilience, our fixed voice and data services are spread
across four main locations and our key product platforms are
located in at least two of these locations, with the ability for
each node to act independently should one fail. As a result,
we typically achieve 99.999% availability for these products.

The network incorporates a number of options for the routing
of calls which are invoked automatically, should the primary
route fail. We have multiple SIP points of interconnect with
all the key UK voice carriers, which are hosted at each of our
core network sites and operate independently. We use these
to their full potential to give us as many routing options as
possible to manage our network traffic.

Our service platforms and billing systems are housed in a
replicated server environment with several layers of backup
systems and process, including off-site storage.


Gamma’s network covers the UK for both voice and data
access. We operate an architecture that by its nature has
significant capacity driven by multiple levels of resilience.
The architecture itself is componentised, allowing us to
build out additional capacity as required. We operate
a capacity planning process that constantly reviews
utilisation, resilience and sales forecasts to build out these
components in a timely fashion.

Gamma SIP Trunking resilience

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