Social landlord underscores commitment to communities with Gamma

More than 1,200 not-for-profit housing associations in England collectively provide some 2.8 million homes which house more than 5 million people. All remain deeply committed to the communities they serve. None more so than award-winning Leyland, Lancashire-based Progress Housing Group which manages over 10,000 properties in the North West.

Among facilities Progress Housing Group provides to its residents are communications services, some of them life critical. Hence only the most robust solutions from the most reliable vendors will do. When the search for a new communications provider began, only the very best made it to the short list.

The Benefits

  • Extensive product and service portfolio means Progress Housing Group can always find a solution to match its changing needs.
  • Best possible combination of highly competitive pricing and uncompromising standards of customer service and support.
  • Reliable and flexible communications solutions that fully support Progress Housing Group’s commitment to provide excellent services to its tenants.
  • Regular benchmarking against competing suppliers proves Gamma continues to offer best value.
  • Extensive billing data and statistics allow the tight cost control needed in a not-for-profit environment.
  • Mobile app. allows easy off-site control of Inbound services.

The Challenge

Increasingly frustrated with the levels of customer service it was getting from its incumbent supplier yet understandably keen to keep costs under control, Progress Housing Group wanted the best of both worlds: peerless service at best value prices. Yet with so many vendors claiming so many good things, the question was how to choose?

The Progress Housing Group also had a detailed shopping list of services it needed: ISDN, ADSL, online management, control of calls to 07, 08 and 09 numbers, voicemail, voicemail to email, interactive and programmable control of call routing, and finally webbased secure access to advanced call handling features and to billing and management information.

The Solution

When looking for the right vendor, we were the one supplier Progress Housing Group consistently heard good things about from its peer organisations. Better still our portfolio of services dovetailed neatly with the organisation’s diverse but very specific requirements.

We provided more than 100 single analogue connections, over 30 multiple analogue connections and three ISDN30 lines across the Progress Housing Group estate to meet its voice communications requirements.

For data we provisioned an additional 42 ADSL broadband connections at the Group’s locations.

Our ability to support both geographic and non-geographic numbers within the network was a major plus point, giving Progress Housing Group more control over call handling and routing.

Our Inbound call handling platform gives Progress Housing Group massive flexibility in how incoming calls are handled, including pre-programmed call routing by time of day and planned diversion of calls to engaged or unanswered numbers.

Subsequently replacing one previous ADSL link, we have installed a 100Mb Ethernet extension service to provide a significantly upgraded point-to-point data link.


Single Analogue Connections


Multiple Analogue Connections


ISDN30 Lines