Frazer-Nash comment on flawless experience with direct routing

Frazer-Nash is a leading systems, engineering and technology company. With some 800 employees working from a network of UK and Australia locations, Frazer-Nash helps organisations deliver innovative engineering and technology solutions to make lives safe, secure, sustainable, and affordable.

After a nationwide lockdown, Frazer-Nash decided to roll out Microsoft Teams as their main phone system, using Gamma’s CloudUCX™ Direct Routing solution to allow external calls for their remote workforce and as a future-proof plan for mobile phones.

About Exactive

Exactive is a Unified Communications specialist and is one of a small number of Microsoft Teams Voice Partners operating in the UK.

Gamma Communications plc (“Gamma”), a leading technology-based provider of communications services to business markets in the UK and the Netherlands, acquired Exactive Holding Limited (“Exactive”) in March 2020.

This acquisition builds on an existing partnership to bring customers a complete range of services for Microsoft Teams.

The Challenge

With a strong culture of collaboration, based on personal contact and traditional desk-based email and on-premise networking, intranet and telephony, Frazer-Nash sought to deliver a range of communications and collaboration tools as part of its strategy to improve productivity, cross-company and client working.

Many of the company’s mobile devices were coming to the end of their life – so the company was looking for a future-proof solution that would complement a range of other systems that were in development. All these elements were part of a company-wide business systems transformation programme.

At the start of 2020, the company had started to roll-out some of its new tools, which included Microsoft Teams. In March, the coronavirus pandemic led to a nationwide lockdown – meaning that all Frazer-Nash employees were required to move from office to remote working almost overnight.


The requirement for new collaboration tools was compulsory.

The Solution

As part of Frazer-Nash’s business transformation programme, the company implemented a range of Microsoft solutions across its business. Microsoft Teams was included as part of the licence subscription and was adopted as a primary tool for communication and collaboration, and a one way to help improve productivity.

With the advent of forced remote working, Frazer-Nash employees were able to deliver on their commitments by making internal calls through Teams – without this, its employees would have been solely reliant on mobile phones  – which would have had significant costs, and without a modern MDM system, would have made it a very difficult to implement and manage.

The Results

Frazer-Nash made the decision to roll-out Teams as their main phone system, using a public switched telephone network (PSTN), in order to allow external calls for their remote workforce and to future-proof their plan for mobile devices. Call costs were also a consideration – and Gamma’s solution proved to be very competitive in comparison to other providers.

The Frazer-Nash team commented that “Working with Gamma provided one of the best supplier experiences they’ve had in my 30 years of working in the IT industry.”

  • Increased collaboration across disperse teams across 14 offices
  • Business continuity with flexible and remote working
  • Employees have seen the implementation as transformative
  • Teams meetings and calls are now used across the whole organisation
  • Due to their new setup they can now explore pop-up offices in the future.