Gamma drive key growth and help boost profit margins for TSI

A Gamma partner for eight years, TSI provide a range of business communications for businesses of all sizes. The company offer a portfolio of services and products across Cloud Telephony, Unified Communications and Connectivity – citing Ethernet as their most successful product from Gamma.

The Benefits

  • Ability to fully provide all of their voice and data needs under one roof
  • Any issue escalated will be resolved without having to chase
  • Quarterly account management meetings
  • Training and support to understand all of Gamma’s products

The Challenge

TSI are focused on consistency of service and trust. Noticing that many of their customers do not want multiple suppliers, TSI wanted to be able to fully provide all of their voice and data needs under one roof, a key challenge in keeping with TSI’s goal of offering ‘complete business communications from one trusted supplier’.

Priding themselves on not being a ‘faceless’ entity meant that TSI’s suppliers are key to retaining this essential, personable relationship with their existing customer base.

The Solution

TSI take pride in being a reliable and trusted port of call for their customers, making the buying and support processes as easy and comprehensible as possible in order to retain trust and to achieve core business growth within their existing customer base.

Over the past decade, TSI have regularly taken the time to understand the full range of Gamma products available. Having knowledge of the full portfolio allowed them to give value-add to their customers, making services more sticky and a trust in Gamma’s support services meant that they had confidence in their processes and delivery.

Gamma’s support is very good, and we can easily escalate and know that it will be resolved without having to chase. Quarterly Account Management meetings are very useful, both for ensuring all current services are running smoothly, and for understanding ways that Gamma can assist us to grow business.”

The Results

Working with one of the UKs largest retailers in 2017, TSI won a deal to supply a 20/100Mbs Ethernet circuit with ADSL back-up into around 300 stores across the UK, with the support of Gamma’s Ethernet team.

Gamma’s services were successfully delivered on time and the customer is extremely happy with the quality of the services and support received throughout the rollout.

Commenting on the win, TSI’s Operations Director, Martin Coleman says: “The Gamma Ethernet team were integral to winning the 300-store tender, both from a technical point of view in helping to fulfill customer requirements and assisting with answering a multi-page tender document, through to negotiating the commercials.

Having different Gamma products in our portfolio has allowed us to win deals such as this that we might not otherwise have won. Gamma products now make up almost 50% of our annual turnover and have driven our growth considerably over the past decade.


Of Ethernet Circuit with ADSL's Into 300 Stores


Of TSI's Annual Turnover Is For Selling Gamma Products