Resource Telecom streamline marketing initiatives using Gamma Accelerate

With over 20 years in the business, Gamma Gold Partner, Resource Telecom Group, who specialise in communications, connectivity, software solutions, IT support and utility services – has reshaped their marketing resources and processes with the help of Gamma’s dedicated marketing support and self-serve portal, Accelerate.

The Challenge

Before making use of Gamma’s Accelerate platform, Resource Telecom were focused on lead generation activity mostly through door to door prospecting, telesales or basic email marketing.

Historically, marketing and lead generation had not been a key focus and without dedicated resource, brand awareness had dwindled alongside core product knowledge amongst their customer base.

Wanting to ramp-up email campaign activity in particular, Resource Telecom wanted to raise the profile of the business in general while increasing awareness of their products and additional services on offer. In order to achieve this, they needed an email marketing solution that would allow them more intellectual insight in terms of tracking and reporting.

The Solution

Accelerate changed the entire approach to marketing activity for the Resource Telecom team. Impressed with the simple navigation of the platform and the extent of the marketing tools and collateral at their disposal, Resource were eager to start tracking and utilising the key data generated by this new and intuitive marketing activity.

Once the Resource team had identified which campaigns would work best for their business, the Gamma marketing team set up extensive training and tutoring on how to white label the collateral, including logos and personalised branding.

The Results

Both existing customer (cross selling) campaigns and new lead generation campaigns have resulted in great success for Resource Telecom in recent months. Working alongside Gamma’s dedicated team of marketing experts, campaign activity is now a key focus for the company in driving new business, now with the essential analytics and key data at their fingertips. The dedicated training on the platform has allowed them to streamline marketing initiatives with key sales activity, essentially tracing and identifying opportunities and following up on valuable new prospect leads.