London Central Communications reduce resource costs and improve Disaster Recovery system with Horizon

Established in 1987, LCC specialises in Voice, Internet, Conferencing and WiFi services. Situated at London Bridge, the company’s teams have worked in over 2,000 sites across Central London.

With a head count of less than 20, they work with key partners, such as Gamma to provide cutting edge IP Telephony Solutions, Fast Internet Connectivity and Support Services.

The Benefits

  • Ability to reduce number of employees therefore reducing resource costs and general efficiency.
  • Boast a comprehensive disaster recovery system
  • Reliable and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Horizon offers a service that met LCC’s objectives

The Challenge

LCC wanted the Mobile and Desktop Apps and the support of a larger firm, who could offer a robust and resilient platform.

LCC were looking for an alternative to Verizon, who had previously supplied LCC with SS7 lines in their Telehouse rack, making LCC probably the smallest Carrier in the UK with their own range of numbers, allocated by Ofcom.
In 2004 LCC purchased a Redwood Technologies DNX1200 routing platform (as used by BT for their speaking clock and ITV for their voting systems) and employed 4 software Engineers to run a hosted service called Parasol.

In 2010 they needed to upgrade their DNX 1200 routing platform and chose the Digium Asterisk system, so they could use high quality Digium Featurephones. Gamma then provided SIP trunks in LCC’s new Colo site with a failover in case of a disaster. The scene was then set for an eventual upgrade in 2015 to Gamma’s Horizon system, when LCC would use Gamma’s suite of Apps in their two Data Centres in London and Manchester and allow the retirement of LCC’s successful Digium platform.


Software Engineers

The Solution

LCC didn’t spend much time researching the market as Gamma did what they wanted. LCC pride themselves on seeking out better ways to do straightforward tasks, without employing complicated systems and expensive services.

As Gamma were already providing LCC with Carrier Pre Selection services on PSTN and ISDN, SIP Trunks for our Parasol hosted switch, DSL and copper/fibre Leased Circuits, LCC were able to pass greater levels of work to Gamma.

The simplicity, apps and on-going development of Horizon were what attracted LCC to choose Gamma. LCC wanted the Mobile and Desktop Apps and the support of a larger firm, who could offer a robust and resilient platform.

LCC trialled the services within their own offices first for less than 4 weeks and then started a gentle roll-out, which took 2 years and is almost complete.


Weeks Trialling Gamma's Services


Years To Gently Roll Out Gamma's Services

The Results

The implementation of Horizon has meant that LCC now do not need to employ three software Engineers nor a Billing developer on a full-time basis, reducing their resource costs and general efficiency. They now also boast a comprehensive Disaster Recovery system, supporting business continuity both for themselves and their customers.

Mike Duffy, Head of Sales at LCC said:

“Horizon is well priced, reliable and well-designed. Customers are delighted with the Mobile App and ability to work remotely.”


Full Time Software Engineers


Full Time Billing Developers