Jaguar Telecom benefit from offering each customer a bespoke solution

Jaguar Telecom are an award-winning provider of communication solutions to SME businesses in the South East. They are an experienced team of specialists who choose to use progressive technology, from reputable suppliers. Their core solutions are reliable, infinitely configurable, fully scalable and just what you need to future-proof your business-critical communications.

Their customers include the UK’s largest Cash Converters franchise, a huge London Business Park and a waste management call centre, which is kitted out with Horizon Call Centre and Akixi call reporting. Jaguar Telecom enjoy pitching to a variety of different industries and the Horizon Subscription Framework (HSF) provides the flexibility they need, to offer bespoke solutions that meet each client’s exact needs.

The Challenge

Finding new customers is their biggest challenge. Jaguar Telecom wanted to offer more for new prospects when qualifying requirements, but in a highly competitive market, differentiation is difficult and key to standing out. Following an exciting rebrand in 2019, Jaguar Telecom aim to grow their business by 10% in 2020. However, in order to achieve this objective, they need to offer
more flexibility around Horizon commercials.

The Solution

Jaguar Telecom like the Gamma Portal and love the ‘Horizon Manage Subscriptions’ section. This gives them the ability to be able to instantly access information about their Horizon subscription base, using a variety of useful filters. They have a full and complete view, which means they can easily audit their customers.

The flexibility of the HSF has also been invaluable to Jaguar Telecom. The fact that it is possible to unassign and reuse subscriptions, while also mixing and matching contract terms per customer, means they are not negatively impacted should there be any sudden changes in customer requirements, or even if a customer goes out of business.

Jaguar Telecom also feel increased security now that there are no contract ties between Gamma and the end customer. The commercial arrangement with Gamma is now separate which puts Jaguar in complete control of how they work with their end customers.

The Horizon Fund means Jaguar Telecom can offer each customer a bespoke solution. They can choose which hardware they buy, for which customer and they make the most of this control by crafting specific deals to knock down potential sales barriers.

Jaguar Telecom found the roll out very slick, professional and well communicated. The training meant it was easy to pick up the ‘simple to use’ platform.

The Results

The flexibility of the HSF means Jaguar Telecom have increased opportunities to make more margin, especially by selling hardware that is purchased using the Horizon fund. Jaguar Telecom also feel that the ability to cross sell many Gamma products to one customer is the ideal strategy to meet their business goals. Keeping overheads down is key to success and Jaguar Telecom do this by utilising the support from Gamma’s team, considering them as an extension to their own “back office”.

Jaguar Telecom have had some success upselling Collaborate into their existing Horizon base, by using the Horizon fund to purchase headsets for these customers. It’s great that the flexibility of the HSF mirrors the flexibility of Horizon bolt-ons, which is very appealing to end users. This has enabled Jaguar Telecom to target a wider range of customers.

Recently Jaguar Telecom won the business of a budget conscious customer by offering second-hand Horizon handsets at a discounted rate. However, the business still qualified for the Gamma Horizon fund, which Jaguar Telecom will put towards a larger deal currently in the pipeline.