Fidelity sell more Gamma products to boost revenue and margin

Fidelity Group is one of the UK’s fastest growing communications providers. Based in Oxfordshire, the business has won numerous industry awards and has featured twice on the Sunday Times TechTrack 100. Over the last 10 years Fidelity has been a proactive partner with Gamma, taking advantage of the full product set. Fidelity recognised the opportunity for growth in revenue and margin by providing an end-to-end solution from just one supplier.

A partner who is supported by Gamma can extend their product set beyond their core competence. They will receive quality products and services at competitive commercials, a range of ongoing training and support, from pre-sales to technical support. As telecoms revenues diminish over time, selling multiple products adds revenue, margin, and “stickiness” to cement your status as a trusted advisor as well as a provider of services.”

The Product Offering

Whilst Fidelity Group recognises that there are benefits to each product in the Gamma portfolio, it has been the Horizon platform that has been the stand out for them. The features and capabilities in Horizon have provided Fidelity with the ability to support their own network of channel partners and their various vertical markets with confidence in what they are selling.

Throughout the year’s, they have recognised the need to diversify their product offering. By selling a combination of voice and data products from Gamma, Fidelity has been able to increase margin and growth in customers, to benefit both Fidelity Group and the end user. Part of having this offering is knowing that they will be fully supported by Gamma to ensure their customers experience the highest service levels.

The Gamma Difference

As a long term Gamma partner, Fidelity Group has found the level of support they have received to be maintained at a high level, even as Gamma has continued to grow and add new products. Training and information is provided to Fidelity, enabling them to launch new products to their channel, in line with Gamma’s launch of these products to the market. Alan comments:

“We were concerned that the level of support and flexibility would be impacted as Gamma went through expedited growth, eventually listing on AIM, but this has not been the case. Gamma have demonstrated on more than one occasion that they are committed to our success. This ranges from providing commercial support on call rates to win call traffic, to providing various levels of support for successful bids.”


Fidelity understands that the telecoms industry is constantly changing and developing. Whilst this progress provides new opportunities for resellers, it’s essential for Fidelity to maintain a high level of product and industry knowledge to capitalise on these opportunities.

Alan says: “Gamma have taken the responsibility of leading the industry in SIP and hosted services and have added industry-leading training software to the services that they provide to Fidelity Group. Whether we are bringing on new employees or training our existing workforce, the Academy is now firmly embedded in our training process. The information is provided in short interactive videos with frequent testing phases to ensure that the information is being understood and accommodated by our employees. From a management perspective, we find it useful that we can keep track on our employees’ progress with the courses.”


As a Platinum partner, Fidelity Group benefits from access to the premium features on Accelerate, Gamma’s online partner marketing portal; as well as marketing consultancy and managed services to help drive their campaign focus on Gamma solutions. This includes full design support for bespoke content and campaign material, and early access to all these materials. Alan

“We appreciate the on-going support from Gamma including new products relevant to the market, and strategic thinking that supports our business. We have a great relationship with many people at Gamma and this is integral to the success of our business.”


The relationships that Fidelity Group has built with the Gamma sales team, from internal account managers to the Managing Director, over the last 10 years have proved successful. Alan says:

“We have received assistance with RFPs, bespoke commercials and marketing. Sometimes the size, scale, experience and expertise that Gamma delivers is the key element of our comprehensive service wrap and commercial offering that our partners and customers desire. Notable successes include one of Fidelity Group’s largest channel partners winning the contract to supply Horizon to an international car rental group, as well as the acquisition of other corporate and professional.”


Looking to 2018 and beyond, Fidelity Group see the continuing decrease in connectivity and mobile pricing as their biggest challenge and the associated need to sign up customers for longer contract terms to secure revenues. To achieve this, they see Gamma’s Connect solution as a big opportunity for them. Alan comments:

“We look forward to the release of Gamma Connect as a means of securing long term mobile contracts. Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and the questionable economic outlook, we have some exciting new developments scheduled for 2018. Managing the growth across the company with a wide range of products in our product set will be a key focus for us.”