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Market leading Global CPaaS provider

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Business voice, messaging, email and video platform

Personalised Solutions


Scalability and agility through automation, APIs and platforms are the core of any successful digital business.


Responsiveness and flexibility are at the core of offering a real-time tailored digital experience.

Deep market knowledge

Experience in terms of technology, go-to-market and regulation makes the difference between good and excellent.

Strong human relationships

Human aspects and direct customer engagement are crucial to build consistency, trust and strong business ethics.


The world’s leading Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider was looking for a full spectrum of UK numbers to power its voice and messaging business.

They required a UK partner to provide them with a full spectrum of DID and numbering capabilities, which included non-geographic, toll free as well as voice and SMS enabled mobile numbers, with a managed porting and interconnect service underpinning it all. They also wanted optimal operational and financial efficiency by accessing these numbers using a single interconnect.

They had failed to acquire the level and breadth of service they were looking for by using other global voice, DID and UK providers, and reached out to us in the hope we could meet their expectations.


Automation, People, Intelligence


APIs for Efficency

Operational efficiencies through an API-driven wholesale interconnect.


Control and agility using a self-serve number portal.

Complete portfolio

Access to all types of numbers (including voice and SMS enabled) using a single trunk.

Managed number hosting

Managed number outsourcing in addition to the Gamma numbering range.

Dedicated service management

Personalised, knowledgeable and dedicated account management to meet specific requirements.

Regulatory support

Deep UK market regulatory knowledge is offered as a value-add service as required.


Efficient, Agile, Trusted


The main benefit of this partnership is the fact that Gamma was able to offer an extensive number portfolio as well as significant cost reduction compared to competitors – all this efficiently through one interconnection, supported by an automated self-serve platform.

Using our agile numbering solutions, the customer was able to grow its business from 0 to 150,000 numbers. Consequently, in 2021 alone, the customer saw its number business revenue grow by 96%, and its traffic increase by 81%. All of this was enabled through having the ability to bring numbers live in 10 minutes at a click of a button.


cost savings


revenue growth