Gamma Relationship Is the Key to Successful Household Telephony Products

For the fast-growing, London-based, residential alt-net, Community Fibre, the quality of its supplier/partner relationships is a key enabler in its bid to carve out market share.

Launched in 2021 with a rapid and ongoing network build-out that now passes some 1,000,000 homes in and around the capital, Community Fibre is building a loyal community of customers by blending competitive pricing and cutting-edge technology with sector-leading levels of customer service.

Leveraging a structure and culture that rewards a can-do attitude, the company is taking on the established national rivals with a play that most of them find hard, if not impossible, to match. But as effective as that strategy is proving to be, it is not without its risks. As senior product manager Peter Watson points out, it requires suppliers and partners to take the same approach in doing business with Community Fibre. That is a key reason why Watson speaks approvingly of Gamma. Gamma’s services efficiently support Community Fibre’s Calls offering, supplying the network behind their hosted VoIP provider, Netsapiens.

In contractual terms, the relationship is once-removed. However, in practical day-to-day terms, Gamma works directly with Community Fibre to port new customer phone numbers onto the system. It’s at this touch point, Watson explains, that Gamma constantly impresses, bringing to bear its Glasgow-based 50-member porting team and working with Community Fibre’s team to achieve on-time, seamless moves of customers from Virgin, BT, Sky and others to Community Fibre’s Calls product.

Recalls Watson, “We saw Gamma’s track record as a reliable partner to other suppliers, and its great heritage in number porting, and since we started using them in 2021, Gamma have not disappointed us.”

But surely, we asked, in a process that by default involves multiple other parties, problems are almost inevitable? Watson explains, “Gamma has proved pretty good at resolving the occasional issues, and in the rare instances where a delay has been their fault, they’ve been quick to bring it to our attention and then resolve it swiftly. Gamma as a company is open, honest and accountable.”

And what about personal relationships with Gamma’s people? Again, Watson is approving. “I get on well with our Gamma account manager, and that’s very important both to me and to Community Fibre. We have weekly catch-ups either on Teams or face-to-face and each month we share the key indicators, and if he’s on leave Gamma always makes sure there is continuity. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with Gamma – I know I can rely on them for trustworthy and consistent support.”

“Gamma has a wide portfolio of voice services, and an expansion of what they do for us is possible in the medium term. Among the additions we are looking at are international numbers and backup via the Gamma mobile network. Further out still we might look at a business telephony solution.”