Capita Network Solutions increase marketing activity with Accelerate

Capita are the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, with 67,000 staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa and India. Capita Network Solutions are a sub-division, specialising in secure communications, network infrastructure and telephony.

The Benefits

  • Secure and easy-to-use platform
  • Ability to white label marketing material
  • Offers full ‘campaigns-in-a-box’
  • Email and social media scheduling options
  • Instant campaign reporting
  • Boosted lead generation and increased sales

The Challenge

With just three Account Managers within the voice team based in Scotland, Capita Network Solutions were struggling to gain control over their marketing activity and resource to follow up with the leads they were generating. Prior to using Gamma Accelerate, the team were relying on their Salesforce CRM to manage and send their campaigns, which proved challenging. Isabelle Cowen, Account Manager at Capita Network Solutions explains, “We found Salesforce a bit clunky, the campaigns took too long to put together, we were reliant on another team to send the campaigns and ultimately we didn’t get any intelligence back, so we were sending the emails out blind and following up blind as well.”


Account Managers

The Solution

With minimal marketing activity occurring, the decision to use Accelerate was driven purely out of a need to do more marketing for their Scotland-based customers but also gain insight on the data and intelligence that was coming back from the campaigns. After attending a half day training session with Louise Fairley, Partner Programme Manager at Gamma via WebEx, the Capita team felt ready to start running their own campaigns. Isabelle comments, “Our training covered how to upload and white-label pieces of collateral to make them our own. In general, we found the platform very simple and easy to use and from this training we were able to run our campaign with limited assistance.”

Using the content provided by Gamma in the Accelerate portal, Capita Network Solutions ran a 20-day telemarketing campaign, which included seven emails to more than 1900 cold leads. The campaign topics ranged from simple introductory emails to sending these leads specific pieces of content on ISDN to SIP or Horizon. Isabelle comments, “The campaign was totally controlled by us, so we decided what emails were going out, when and to which leads. The analytics from the campaign was then collated and sent to a third party telemarketing team, recommended by Gamma, to then contact the leads.”






Cold Leads

The Results

The 20-day campaign resulted in four initial first meetings being booked, with a further 20 leads generated for Capita to follow up with and a good basis to continue to build relationships and engage with new customers. From the beginning, Capita have found the marketing assistance from Gamma very helpful. Isabelle says, “We found the marketing support from Gamma fantastic. Anytime I needed any assistance, the Gamma team were available and on hand to help and because of this we had a really successful campaign.”




Hot Leads