Reflections from the Roadshow

It’s been over a month since we wrapped up The Gamma Roadshow, where we welcomed over 650 Channel Partners across our industry-renowned four day event.

For lesson one of our Roadshow takeaways, we’re focusing on our key topic of legacy. Namely, helping the channel move their valuable customer base away from legacy services.

According to a recent survey, almost half of Gamma’s Channel Partners rely on ISDN making up a third of their business. For the channel, this brings both risk and opportunity in equal measures.

The imminent threat

The majority of todays’ channel partners are planning to take action with ISDN migration between 2020 and 2022. With six years in the pipeline before the ISDN switch-off, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.

However, the channel needs to remain ahead of the curve. For channel partners today, there is a very imminent threat that competitive business will see this opportunity and seek to claim a market share of the low hanging fruit that ISDN users now offer.

Or, arguably more real risk, the incumbent will aim to win back market share while opportunity is ripe.

Now is the time to protect your customer base and the margin which has been years in the making for your business.

ISDN migration – the key hurdles

1. ‘Time is on our side’…or is it

With 2025 seemingly a long time coming and ISDN still providing profitable margin, there is a temptation to sweat the asset, reaping the rewards that an ISDN base boasts in terms of revenue.

However, shifting from ISDN sooner rather than later not only protects customer retention, but also provides a long-term and profitable solution. Customers specifically using Gamma’s next generation technologies are five times less likely to churn.

2. Analysis paralysis:the problem with choice

Many customers are looking at the issue of the ISDN switch-off with a daunting number of choices; with many stuck in the process of analysing the pros and cons of each possible option.

This is where the channel expertise becomes invaluable; drawing on a solution development conversation rather than a quick-fix solution will make business stickier and give contracts a more desirable longevity.

3. Considering connectivity

Just under 60% of Channel Partners surveyed cited ‘lack of high speed’ as the key reason for customers still using legacy ISDN services.

The issue of data connectivity remains as the key justification for both Channel Partners and end-users putting off migration plans. Underpinning any newly implemented IP services with the essential, robust connectivity is a crucial concern for any end user.

However, the connectivity landscape has changed and is continuously evolving in accordance with business user needs. Gamma access is specifically configured and designed for voice service use which, along with our Intelligent SIP offering, provides a holistic and robust service that gives real peace of mind to the business customer.

4. The cost of change

Innovation can be daunting. With the migration of ISDN now a key industry theme, the upgrade to SIP can seem like a big change and can have an impact on immediate revenue for Channel Partners.

While SIP is lower cost, its value is in the ‘long game’.

Gamma’s next gen solutions are easy and quick to provision and ultimately will result in a ‘safer’ customer base, which can be secured into longer-term contracts.

Become a migration master

According to a survey conducted last year, 90% of Gamma’s Channel Partners are still maintaining an ISDN base. Ultimately, retention of these legacy services cannot continue and the channel should feel an ownership in leading this industry change.

Gamma’s dedicated team of migration specialists are here to help our Channel Partners implement these changes. With marketing resources along with specialist tips on reaching the right solution for your customers and commercial support to aid your migration plan, we’re here to support you.

Get in touch with Gamma’s dedicated migration team to book your free ISDN migration consultation: [email protected]