Chances are, many of your customers are already embracing Unified Communications (UC), lured by the prospect of simplicity, agility and better communication. It’s a fantastic upgrade on traditional telecoms infrastructure that creates the opportunity for increased productivity and business growth. All of which means businesses should be jumping up and down with excitement, ready to embrace this new way of working.

But what about those that aren’t so keen? There are several reasons your customers might say no to UC. However, for every potential objection, there’s a valid counter-objection.


1. We've never heard of it

This objection is becoming increasingly uncommon, as UC gains popularity – but you might find that your customers simply aren’t aware of what UC is, or what it can do. Fortunately, this situation can be quickly remedied: the simplest way to explain UC is that it’s a technology stack in which channels like voice, video, data and IM are integrated into a single package.

Within this, Gamma offers different products – like Horizon Collaborate – which can support better communication, flexible mobile working, and more freedom for
businesses. And instead of working across disparate channels, employees can move seamlessly from platform to platform, ensuring the best possible outcomes for customers.

2. We don't see the business need

Your prospective customers may well think their existing solution is ‘good enough’ as it stands, and they don’t feel a need to make a change. If you encounter this objection, make sure you’re fully confident in all the benefits UC has to offer – there’s bound to be at least one that resonates.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a more flexible, scalable solution
  • A simpler monthly billing process
  • Improved employee engagement
  • More effective remote working
  • Enhanced customer service across a range of channels
  • The opportunity for business growth as a result of the two points above
  • Boosted green credentials, as UC makes it easier to communicate around the world without needing to meet face-to-face

3. It's too expensive to upgrade our infrastructure

Once the benefits are properly explained, you’d be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t see the value. But many will object that they simply can’t afford new telecoms infrastructure. And surely a high-tech solution will be even more expensive
than their current set-up?

Actually, Gamma’s UC solution is an extremely cost-effective option requiring minimal capital outlay. Plus, once set-up is complete, billing is simple, with a straightforward monthly cost per user.

Beyond the initial investment, there are also longer-term cost efficiencies to be made. UC can help to improve business operations and productivity, helping to grow the business and therefore revenue.

4. We don't want to risk disrupting operations

For those who have unwieldy legacy systems in place, the thought of change can be off-putting, especially if services are interrupted in the meantime.

As a Gamma channel partner, you’ll be well placed to lay these concerns to rest. Gamma’s many years of experience in IP networking mean we are highly experienced in building flexible solutions that can be deployed and onboarded quickly.

That means you can reassure your customers that replacing their legacy systems won’t be a disruptive process. The switch can be made smoothly and in good time, with minimal effort on their behalf.

5. It sounds too complicated and we don't have the time

IT decision makers are often busy juggling multiple priorities, trying to troubleshoot problems and manage operational strategies. So, they can sometimes be resistant to anything that sounds as if it might add additional complexity to their lives.

Particularly if you work with smaller businesses, you may encounter clients who feel that UC fits into this bracket – and is therefore not worth bothering with. But the reality is that Gamma’s UC is extremely straightforward to implement.

And once it’s up and running, it can simplify an IT manager’s day-to-day life, giving a single point of service for all channels. The right UC system can be much easier to manage, whether troubleshooting, scaling up and down services, or setting up new users.

Get ready to lead the UC charge

The wave of UC uptake is only set to grow, and channel resellers are ideally placed to spearhead the widespread adoption of this technology. But you’re sure to encounter resistance for various reasons, so be prepared and plan accordingly.

In doing so, you can delight your customers and develop a sustainable business stream for the next decade.